About us

MatchEliteMuslim is the simplest and most private online dating site dedicated to bringing Muslim singles across the world together. It's a platform where single Muslims can interact with people who they hold similar Islamic values with and meet a partner for marriage. We utilize an intelligent and impeccable matchmaking approach which suggests the most compatible partners using the user's preferences. MatchEliteMuslim is a dating site with Islamic intentions. Our aim is to assist Muslims to find their right partner while maintaining the industry's highest standards.

At MatchEliteMuslim, we are passionate about helping Muslims build strong relationships based on honesty, trust, and shared principles. We take pride in giving Muslims the opportunity to search for their ideal life partners in a safe environment without violating the traditional Islamic principles. Once a new user register on our platform, we manually verify the user's profile to ensure that all users get to meet other like-minded singles in a smooth, safe, and enjoyable environment.

Our vision is to ensure that every user gets to meet their ideal partners without violating Islamic standards and principles. We are constantly striving to bring you the best possible experience, and help you start your relationship journey. Right from the point where users register on our platform to ensuring that users data are kept in the strictest of confidence, we are fully committed to satisfying all our users. Are you ready to interact with potential marriage partners and meet your better half without any hurdles? Don't hesitate in registering your identity at MatchEliteMuslim. We guarantee the simplest and safest way.


Who we are

MatchEliteMuslim is an App for honest and professional Muslims looking for their dream partners. When you register with MatchEliteMuslim, to get to meet and chat with serious Muslims who are your potential marriage partners and shares your interest. At MatchEliteMuslim, we consider our user's privacy as the most important goal. We ensure that users information cannot be found on public search engines like Google because all our user's data are fully protected using our cloud technology, keeping all your private information safe.

What we do

MatchEliteMuslim validates each user during the registration phase, helping Muslims communicate with real people who have a similar interest in them. Using the user's profile, we match you with others that share your interest, providing you with many opportunities to seek the perfect partner without compromising your privacy. All you have to do is to simply send a request to protected partners and once your request is accepted, you can chat and exchange information. MatchEliteMuslim gives you the opportunity to anonymously chat with other Muslims, any potential marriage partners without divulging your personal information until you have built enough trust with that person.

Our purpose

At MatchEliteMuslim, our purpose is to create a Muslim community with honest and trustworthy people while keeping the personal details and information of every user private. Every single detail uploaded by each of our user is completely confidential and will not be disclosed with any third party. Our aim is to create a Muslim community filled with honest and trustworthy people, thus giving single Muslims the assurance that they are meeting real people and the peace of mind that their information would be kept private. At MatchEliteMuslim, privacy and honesty is our true value.